About Us

We are a machining and fabrication shop

KB Machine Tool Fab was started by Kevin Buchanan in Iberia, OH in 1999. KB Machine Tool Fab grew from a 2000 sq ft garage shop to a 5000 sq. ft building in Galion, Ohio. Then in 2012 KB Machine moved into an 18,000 sq ft space in Bucyrus, Ohio where he brought on 2 partners to help grow the business.

In 2021 KB, outgrowing their space yet again, made the move to their current 50,000 square foot facility in Bucyrus, Ohio. 

Ever evolving, in 2023, Amanda Buchanan purchased the majority shares of the business and became President of KB Machine Tool Fab LLC.

Continuing to grow this last year, more equipment was needed to keep up with the growth. Adding another larger Corsen CNC Automatic Band Saw, Cincinnati Brake Press and another Lynx 2100LSYB CNC Lathe. This allowed KB to expand the services we have to offer thus shortening lead times.

This expansion has been made possible by not just meeting, but exceeding customers’ expectations. We specialize in custom fabrication, all types of welding, assembly, and machining. 

Our commitment to quality, competitive pricing, short lead times and excellent customer service have driven this growth.

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